Case Study: Custom Invoicing Portal for Client


For this project, we worked with a local IT staffing agency that placed contractors with major employers in need of supplemental technical talent and specialized expertise.  They work with businesses of all sizes, filling short- and long-term vacancies.


Our client was having a hard time requesting, receiving, sorting, and overall managing invoices from their vendors and contractors. They needed a solution to allow their vendors and contractors to submit and manage invoices, all the while having back-office access in case any unforeseen circumstances happen.  They also needed to be able to correlate these invoices with their clients, to make sure they bill properly for everything.


In order to allow our client’s vendors and contractors to create and manage their invoices that can be accessed by multiple people at the same time remotely, we created a small web app that provided a web interface for third-party vendors to access, as well as a FileMaker interface for back-office access, all backed by a MySQL database. For this project, we used PHP, MySQL, Symfony, JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, and FileMaker Pro.


The web app has enabled our clients’ vendors and contractors to not only create but also manage invoices on just a single platform and has been rid of the worry that they may have missed the last month’s invoice somewhere in an email thread. 

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