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With all the wonders of technology, it is sometimes hard to grasp the fact that there are problems that don’t already have an application ready to solve them. Well, at least not yet. In terms of Software Applications, some are still yet to be built. Some you may have to build yourself. 

If you are a business owner tired of scrolling through a mass of applications looking for one that fits your business operations, you always have the option to customize your own. If you are a user looking for a way that you can take your idea from concept to reality, it may be time to build a custom application.

But I don’t have the skills or the time. Where do I even start?

That is where we, Fulcrum Dynamic, come in. We will transform your idea into action.

At Fulcrum Dynamic, we build tailor-fit software applications and solutions to leverage ideas and businesses. We pride ourselves on our large toolbelt of the latest technologies available to provide you integration solutions, automation services, or in this case, custom applications. With over a decade of history in Information Technology, we have the broad and deep experience and clear-cut expertise to transform just about any of your idea into a reality. 

Why should I work with Fulcrum Dynamic?

The answers are simple.

Business-first approach

We believe that your business is ours, too. As such, we hold every custom application project to the highest quality, ensuring that you get a bespoke application that effectively and efficiently works for you. With the best of technologies available in our arsenal, we develop custom applications that are specifically designed to meet your desired functionalities, business objectives, customers’ preferences, and the highest standards of custom application development – all of these, while being cost-effective and without digging a hole in your business funds and personal pocket.  

Dynamic Team of Software Engineers and Experts

Following our company process of catering to clients, we acknowledge that each business has its own unique ideation and varying work industry. Equipped with vast skills and knowledge across a wide range of technologies and business industries, our skilled roster of dedicated developers is flexible and experienced enough to competently develop custom applications that the customer needs and match the industry market and the required technology. 

Unique, Best-in-Class Technology Stack

We understand that it is a requirement for the job to love technology. We soar beyond that. We are natural enthusiasts of new technologies and we love having new opportunities to learn new things every day. This allows us to be able to keep up with the latest technologies available and likewise upskill our know-how and skillsets in the industry.

Below are some of these cutting-edge technologies that we use in our custom application development:

  • VueJS – A best-in-class JavaScript framework for building rich UIs for the web that run fast and scale well.
  • NodeJS – A platform for back-end server development using the inredibly fast V8 JavaScript engine from Google Chrome. NodeJS provides a solid performant base for back-end API development with a vast ecosystem of modern, high-quality libraries to enable integration with any other system that might be needed.
  • Quasar Framework – An application framework that leverages VueJS and NodeJS to quickly build clean user interfaces that can be deployed as single-page web apps (SPA), progressive web apps, hybrid native mobile apps for Android and iOS, and even desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS X. Build once, deploy anywhere.
  • CouchDB – A high-performance document-based NoSQL database, with powerful query, indexing, and scaling capacilities.
  • PouchDB – A front-end persistent datastore which syncs with CouchDB, and allows us to build apps with offline sync capability, so users are not tied to an Internet connection to be productive.
  • Fulcrum Framework – Our own in-house framework leveraging these technologies to provide robust application functionality without reinventing the wheel. It includes support for:
    • Flexible, user-configurable role-based access control
    • Powerful data modeling system with support for advanced validation
    • Custom reports and dashboards
    • Drag-and-drop image uploads with optional webcam integration
    • File attachment with S3-style CDN integration
    • Live mapping
    • Digital signatures
    • Messaging and notifications
    • Automated cloud-deployment
    • Database schema migrations
    • Automated unit testing harness

How do you make that possible?

We kick off with a simple, proven process of starting with your business needs and climbing our way from there. We begin with understanding your business, your pain points, needs, and we even identify your target users. We pinpoint your target functionality for a software application, and from there, we specify which particular technology to use. If this technology is already in our range of expertise, great! If we are yet to learn this new technology, we do so. If this solution is far from our core competencies, we extend to find you the perfect talent to build your dream software. 

After the Custom Application Development and before its deployment, we conduct series of testings to guarantee that the software application works smoothly and without a problem. 

How do I get started?

Ready to build your custom application? We are here to help. 

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