Web Development

Although we possess a broad array of skills as information technology generalists, our bread and butter is web development. Our primary tools in this arena are PHP and JavaScript, although I have also built systems with Python, Node.JS, and Ruby on Rails.

We can help you build a durable, scalable web application from the ground up, or help you modify and extend an existing application. We can manage a project end to end, or augment your existing development team with our own resources. Whether you need an advanced web application, a small website, or a simple script, we will partner with you to bring your dream to reality.

Relevant Skills

  • Experience building large scale web applications in PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL.
  • Experience programming in Python, Ruby, Node.js, Groovy, Bash, Perl, Java, FileMaker.
  • Experience building rich user interfaces on the web using HTML/CSS, jQuery, MooTools, LessCSS, Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Solid background working with CSS Selectors and XPath, as well as regular expressions.
  • Integrate third party technologies using RESTful Web Services, JSON, XML, native SDKs, ODBC.
  • Building solutions using existing libraries and frameworks, including Zend and Symfony2.
  • Database programming using Doctrine, ORM and raw SQL, as well as using special purpose libraries to work with MongoDB.
  • Use of Git and SVN version control to manage commits and branches.
  • Use of XDebug, Firebug, and Chrome Developer Tools to debug PHP and JavaScript code.

Check out these web development projects from our portfolio: