There are a vast array of prepackaged software applications and packages available today.  For just about any aspect of your business you can imagine, there is already a tool to help manage and streamline it, whether it’s accounting, inventory, point of sale, ecommerce, shipping, marketing, sales, or customer service.  These tools can save you time and money, which is fantastic, but sometimes it seems like you have too many tools.  You find yourself entering the same data in 6 different places, and later trying to figure out why 3 of them don’t match up.

Problems like this are one of our specialties.  Whether it’s building scripts to import, export and synchronize your data, or building a custom interface to manage two systems simultaneously, we can provide affordable solutions to turn your software nightmare into the well-oiled business process you always dreamed of.

Sometimes good integration is about avoiding full on programming, but sometimes it’s about applying traditional programming skills to nontraditional situations.  In either case, we can find a solution to make your business critical systems run smoothly together.

Relevant Skills

  • screen scraping
  • shell scripting
  • cron and scheduled tasks
  • rsync
  • FileMaker Pro
  • Macros – AutoHotKey and iMacros
  • PHP, Python, and Ruby
  • RESTful APIs


Check out these integration projects from my portfolio: