Free Grammar Checking Tools

Grammar can be tricky, what sounds right most of the time isn’t what is actually grammatically correct, and grammatical mistakes can lead from minor to grave backslash. If you are just starting your blog/business/website, poorly written content ridden with grammatical mistakes and spelling errors will not leave a good impression on your readers and may even discourage them from visiting your website again. 

Grammar is a very important (if not the most important) factor in determining the quality of your written content, and having poor content quality can adversely affect SEO rankings. We have compiled a list of grammar-checking tools that might help you.


Grammarly’s suggestions are comprehensive, helping you communicate effectively and as you intend, ranging from grammar and spelling to style and tone. Grammarly lets you check 100,000 characters at a time by simply copying and pasting the content into the Grammarly editor, and it will automatically check the contents’ correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. With a text editor-like interface, you can easily do text formatting – bold, italic, heading tags, and other stuff.


Ginger offers a spell checker and online proofreading tool and is best for checking irregular verbs/adverbs, confusing wordings, misspellings, and common grammar rules in the English language. You can use Ginger as a browser add-on, MS Word/Outlook integration, iOS/Android, Windows app, or directly from their online site.


Writer is one of the best online grammar checkers. What makes this writing tool unique is not only the smart AI algorithms for editing but also the wide range of integrations, including HubSpot, WordPress, Twitter, Slack, and much more.

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer goes beyond checking spelling mistakes, grammar errors but can also detect style issues and is packed with tons of other awesome features.  Smart suggestions like context-aware suggestions (like effect/effect), subject-verb agreement, redundancy, and pointing out punctuation mistakes are made possible due to its smart machine learning framework. Its smart writing assistant can track the way you use adverbs, cliches, and passive voice and make a pattern out of it when they generate content for you, making it sound more like “you” in the process.

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